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Brake Hose Front beetle ghia type3

Brake Hose Front beetle ghia type3


we have hoses to suit all aircooled volksdwagen models.These flexable rubber brake hoses are found on the front and rear of all models of VW's. This listing covers all front hoses,select the correct one below,pic is for id only

To check yours- lift your VW on jack stands- spin the wheel and have a friend step on the brakes- the wheel should stop. Then have them release the brakes and spin the wheel- if the wheel spins freely right away- the hose is working fine. If the wheel is tight- bleed the wheel cylinder and if the wheel spins freely again- then your hose is shot.

Old hoses break down and collapse inward- which allows the fluid to pump out to the wheel cylinders- but when the brakes are released the fuild is held back by the collapsed hose and the brakes will not release.

When overhauling your braking system- we recommend you replace all the rubber hoses. Cheap insurance for a safe vehicle.

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