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Clutch Thrust Bearing [late style]

Clutch Thrust Bearing [late style]


For use on late IRS type gearbox with the sleeve over Input shaft.

Application Engine Year
924 2.0 11/75-08/89
VW T.1 1.2 01/72-12/85
VW T.1 1.3-1.6 08/70-12/79
VW T.2 1.6 08/70-07/79
VW T.2 1.7-1.8 08/71-07/74
VW T.2 1.8-2.1 05/75-07/92
VW T.3 1.5-1.6 08/70-07/73


Attribute Value
Transmission Type Manual Transmission, 4-speed


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Our reference:088141165B


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