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Beetle/Ghia Front/Rear Wheel Cylinder 1953 to 1958 [2 bolt]


Supplied with bleed nipple and dust cap, this cylinder fits either side  [choose front or rear,they're different] on all VW Type 1 models that have the 2 bolt [2 fixing bolts to backing plate] wheel cylinders.
Some cars have been fitted with later backing plates,so please check before ordering.

Wheel brake cylinders are a part of the braking system, they are important to the overall safety of the vehicle. 

If your vehicle is displaying any of the following symptoms, spongy brake pedal, poor brake response, or fluid leaking underneath the car by the wheels it could be a sign that the wheel cylinders have come to the end of their life and need replacing.

Front 2 bolt / 113611055

Beetle 1953-1957 | Beetle Cabrio 1953-1957


Rear 2 bolt / 113611053
VW T.1 1.2L


Our Reference: 113611055, 113611053

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