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Heater Hose [fresh air]


Fits all upright style VW engines,hose is used between fan housing and heat exchanger in Beetle, Ghia and kKombi's and also for pre heat hose on 68 and later beetles

Foil hose does 1 side

Original style paper hose is long enough to do both sides


Foil 50mm/1000mm
Heater hose Ø 50 mm, lenght 1000 mm
The hose is covered with aluminium foil

Application Engine Year
VW T.1 1.2-1.6 12/62-12/85
VW T.2 1.2-1.6 12/62-07/67
VW T.2 1.6 08/67-07/79




Paper 47mmx559mm
47mm x 1080 (stretches out)
Goes up from the heater channel to the ‘Y’ connector in the
door pillar.
Fits Beetle 1968-1979


Foil 30mmx559mm
30mm Internal Diameter 559mm Long

Paper 25mmx935mm
25mm x 935mm (stretches)
Pre heat hose

Paper 56mmx675mm
Fresh air heater hose 


Paper 60mmx560mm
Paper hose


Paper 25mmx550mm
Paper hose


Foil 50mmx400
Aluminium hose




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